Here is a short description of the training topics:

1. What is scalp micropigmentation?
2. What problems can be resolved using scalp micropigmentation?
3. What are the benefits of scalp micropigmentation compared to other techniques that address the problem of hair loss?
4. Everything about skin and hair in understandable language
5. How does the scalp micropigmentation differ from a tattoo or permanent make-up?
6. The scalp pigmentation in detail: techniques, course of treatment, duration of the procedure. Hygienic regulations and recommendations on hygiene.
7. Presentation of the different types of hair loss. How can the scalp micropigmentation of hair loss help affected people of different ages and genders?
8. Pigments and Equipment: Different types of needles, engines of machines and manufacturers of pigments
9. Determination of the skin type and selection of the scalp micropigmentation method appropriate for this type. Mixing the color pigments and individual scalp design
10. Practical exercises on latex
11. Practical exercises on models: man with bald head or man with thinning hair. Ideally models with different skin types and in different age groups
12. Scalp micropigmentation after a hair transplant: a milestone on the way to the perfect result
13. Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia: advanced treatment options for the treatment of individual areas
14. The most common beginners mistakes in scalp micropigmentation
15. What to consider when dealing with people who choose scalp micropigmentation: important answers to frequently asked questions,

Explanation of the expected results at various stages of treatment, categorization of customer types and important tips for more efficient communication

The cost of the course is 2800.- € / 3250.- SFR.
The costs for the course with starter set (machine, 15 needles and 10 pigments) amount to 4200.- € /4800.-SFR.

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