FAQ – frequently asked questions

What is the main difference compared to tattooing?

Scalp micropigmentation is a small procedure that can change your whole life. The procedure to inject color pigments into the scalp may remind you of tattooing. The fact is, however, that there is a significant difference between micropigmentation and tattooing; a tattoo is designed to remain visible forever. Micropigmentation, on the other hand, fades after some time. Eighteen to 36 months after micropigmentation, the result is most clearly visible. Then the color pigments light up very gradually. With proper care, you can help to extend the shelf life of your scalp micropigmentation. Imagine how unnatural an older man would look if bright black dots were on his head. The slow fading of the pigmented spots on the scalp provides a natural, healthy appearance. We place great value on the result that fits perfectly to your skin and hair tone. This is why we can refresh and adjust micropigmentation at any time if you want to change your look. Our employees undergo an education lasting several months to years. Trust our know-how and let yourself be treated only in a studio that invests a great deal of time into a three-dimensional head skin design. A tattoo artist, no matter how experienced they are, could never achieve such a natural result as we do with their training, their equipment and their colors. In our studio, after careful consideration, we use up to four different shades that perfectly simulate natural hair growth.

Micropigmentation is an innovative treatment method, in which natural pigments are injected directly into the scalp. These pigments simulate natural hair growth.

Scalp micropigmentation makes thinning hair look denser, covers bald spots and makes the skin appear invisible. Scalp micropigmentation is also suitable as a post-treatment for a hair transplant.

Yes! The range of color pigments is so great that we can match any color. We can also simulate gray, red and blonde hair.

During the free consultation, we will explain how many meetings you should expect. As a rule, the treatment is completed after 2 to 3 sessions, which take place within 10 days to 2 weeks. The number of sessions depends on the desired result. However, after the first session, you will notice a fundamental change in your appearance, which is very close to the desired result.

Micropigmentation is an innovative and absolutely safe method to make hair loss invisible. The treatment is comparatively inexpensive and very safe.

Our customers describe the treatment as slightly unpleasant, but not painful. Since the feeling of pain is different in every human being, we make it possible for you to apply a local anesthetic cream.

With a YAG laser, micropigmentation can be completely removed. Since the color pigments are not so deep in the skin, this treatment goes much faster and easier than a tattoo removal.

We can only answer this question exactly when we know how large the areas are treated and how many sessions will be necessary. We would be glad to submit your personal offer in a free first consultation. On average, each micropigmentation session costs around 600 to 1800 CHF in our studio.

Unlike a tattoo, micropigmentation fades after a few years. Depending on your immune system, hair care and your behavior, the result will last at least two to three years, but sometimes up to five years. Then it is time to refresh the color and decide for a new look. The cost of a rejuvenation treatment is significantly lower than that of the initial treatment.