Even if scalp micropigmentation is absolutely safe and the best treatment for hair loss at the moment, we take a lot of time for your personal consultation. This advice is intended to clarify your questions about your treatment and the expected outcome and includes the following:

– What is micropigmentation?
– What distinguishes a good and safe treatment?
– What is scalp micropigmentation and what results can you expect?
– How many sessions should you schedule and when is the desired result achieved?
– Are your results permanent and what care is necessary during and after the treatment?

In addition, we ask you to sign a consent form, record your data in our patient file and consult your medical history. We photograph the areas to be treated to use the images for later success control. Of course, we will also discuss with you the costs.


How satisfied you will be with your new look depends very much on how well your ideal hair approach will calculate. Where the hairline lies is different with every human being. In the calculation of the perfect approach, we take into account the size and position of the eyebrows as well as the nose. When designing your individual hair design, we also consider your personal style, age and skin and hair color.

We define different lines with which we achieve a natural, three-dimensional effect on the treated surfaces. Some lines are clearly defined and very dense, others soft and consist of many individual points. The darker the scalp and the younger the patient, the more frequently defined lines are pigmented.

The duration of treatment

Careful scalp micropigmentation at the highest level requires at least two treatment sessions, but usually three.

On the first day of treatment, we will discuss your individual hair design with you and start injecting the pigments into the scalp. Plan for the first treatment to last about four hours and take the rest of the day to rest a little.

On the second day of your treatment, we give the finishing touch to the look of your scalp. Depending on the size of the treated area and the look you have chosen, we will add more color pigments

After Care

Proper care during and after the treatment has a decisive influence on the result and on your satisfaction.

On the day of treatment:

– Give your scalp a break.
– Do not wash your hair yet and do not shave your head.
– Avoid styling and care products. Any redness on the scalp disappears after a few days.
– Avoid sunbathing and do not wear hats or helmets.

Two days after treatment:

– Clean the treated areas with lukewarm water for 2-3 minutes in the morning and evening. Be gentle with a special shampoo we give you on the day of treatment and dab it dry with a cloth (DO NOT rub)

– After cleaning, wear our skin care cream. The special care cream for your scalp’s micropigmentation is enriched with olive oil and beeswax and comes from Italy. Rich in vitamins and minerals with the active ingredient Phantenol, without artificial oils, petrolates or water additives, this cream is an extremely high-quality product, which optimally maintains your scalp’s micropigmentation. The cream contributes to the fact that there is no annoying itching and that the healing process is best supported.

– Please do not use any products other than those recommended.
– Do not go swimming and avoid heat by saunas or sports.
– Do not wear hats, caps or helmets.
– Avoid sunbathing.
– A hairdresser’s visit is not advisable at this time.
– Never scrape micropigmentation or remove the crust on the scalp; this will lead to color loss.

One week after treatment:

– Clean the treated hair parts once a day with our special shampoo.
– Only use the recommended expert products.
– Avoid strong sweating and direct sunlight.
– Do not go to the sauna.
– Shave at will and go to the hairdresser, if you wish.

Everyone reacts differently to the treatment. Redness and an itching at the treatment site is no cause for concern. Our special products accelerate the natural regeneration process of your scalp.

General care instructions after scalp micropigmentation:

– Always protect your scalp after treatment with a cream or a spray with SPF 50 or higher.
– Take your after-care and control appointments.

Proper care is proven to lead to a longer-lasting result. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.