Scalp MP for Women

Women and hair loss

Many people think hair loss is a specifically male problem. European statistics show that around 45% of all women over the age of 50 are affected by hair loss. Even younger women suffer from thin and falling hair.

Even if there are now some models with short hair cuts or even bald, thick, long hair is still the common ideal of beauty. Long hair is regarded as seductive and typically female. When a woman loses her hair, it is usually a real shock for her. Circles, bald spots, or thin hair are perceived as a blemish that can drive women into despair. Many women begin to cover the light spots with hairs and hats. But even if it succeeds to keep the hair loss a secret, the sufferer remains unhappy.

Micropigmentation is the solution for women who do not want to tolerate hair loss. Unlike hair transplants and hair extensions, which are usually very artificial to women, micropigmentation is ideal because the result looks absolutely natural. But how does hair loss actually occur in women?

Unlike men, hair loss is only a part of the natural aging process. However, most cases of hair loss occur during or after menopause if the hormonal balance changes fundamentally. Even after pregnancy or lactation, female hormones change very suddenly, which can lead to hair loss in varying intensity.

Women who suffer from cancer or other serious illnesses have to expect hair loss to be one of the side effects of their life-saving drugs. Especially in this case, it is important to rebuild self-confidence by treating the hair loss properly.

Often, alopecia is the cause of hair loss in women. The disease usually occurs as a circular hair loss. Alopecia can last for years or a few months. But no matter how the course of the disease looks in the specific case, women suffer very much when bald spots appear on the scalp.

In some cases, hair loss is also the result of excessive styling. Daily hair washing, frequent coloring and bleaching of the hair or permanent waves can heavily strain the hair and scalp and the hair can easily fail and no longer regrow.

How micropigmentation can help women

Women love to change their look regularly. Micropigmentation is the ideal treatment method for women affected by hair loss because it offers so many options. Women can directly decide whether they want to preserve their natural appearance using micropigmentation or to get a completely new look. Contrary to drugs that can stop the hair loss in the best case, without the causes, micropigmentation brings about a fundamental calming of the situation. Whoever is fully satisfied with their appearance will be calmer overall. Balanced people have rare hormone fluctuations and have the chance to break out of the circulation of their illness.