Scalp MP for Alopecia

Simply make alopecia invisible

Alopecia is a widespread disease that has not yet been fully investigated. Worldwide, more than 147 million people suffer from alopecia, a form of hair loss, which usually causes circular, hairless surfaces. Alopecia can occur in any stage of life and in women and men alike. Since the disease often breaks out very suddenly, it is regarded as particularly perfidious.

Since the causes of the occurrence of alopecia can be very diverse, it usually takes several months to years until physicians have found the optimal drug or a therapy that really helps those affected. Micropigmentation provides a visual remedy immediately and reduces the stress level of the affected persons. The self-esteem of alopecia patients is completely restored after a few treatment sessions so they can take time for a healthy, complete healing process. Whoever makes the alopecia invisible has almost won the fight against the disease.

What types of alopecia are there?

There are different types of alopecia that affect patients differently.

One of the most common sub forms of alopecia is the male hair loss. It is triggered by the fact that hormone production changes in the body of the man in the course of life. This form of hair loss is not completely curable. With micropigmentation, however, it can be made invisible.

Alopecia areata

Alopecia areata is a widespread autoimmune disease that causes the body to look and repel the hair follicles in a limited area as a foreign body. Trauma or hormone conversion are considered the most common triggers for this form of alopecia.

Total alopecia

Total alopecia ensures that all head hair falls out. This form of alopecia is, unfortunately, very rare. In the case of a complete loss of hair, micropigmentation can ensure that you are satisfied with your appearance again. It is also interesting to make micropigmentation supplementary to a hair transplant.

Universal alopecia causes a failure of all hairs on the whole body. This form of alopecia is a serious autoimmune disease, which occurs only very rarely and leaves the person affected with enormous mental damage.

A special form of alopecia is hair loss caused by the continuous wearing of braids or dreadlocks. If the hair loss is detected in time, the hair may grow again after some time.

What treatment options are available for alopecia?

Those who suffer from alopecia have the feeling they have been hit by a fatal blow. Even today, many doctors seem at a loss when it comes to diagnosing alopecia correctly and looking for individual solutions. Many methods are very expensive and sometimes have several undesirable side effects.

Drugs have unfortunately turned out to be completely ineffective for alopecia treatment in the past. The same applies to home remedies that are supposed to stimulate hair growth. In fact, they irritate the scalp usually unnecessarily and bring no positive effects.

Scalp micropigmentation is the treatment method to choose if you want to really counteract your alopecia. The treatment is non-invasive, only takes a few sessions and thrills with an immediately visible result.

In the micropigmentation process, natural-coloring pigments are injected directly into the scalp. Countless small dots simulate normal hair growth. Especially if you have only limited areas affected by alopecia, you will get an effect that will allow you to recover your old self-confidence.

It is especially nice that the micropigmentation is completely free of side effects. Patients do not feel pain during the treatment, just a little unpleasant poking or tingling. When it comes to how your new look should appear, you have a lot of linguistic right. When designing the pigmentation points and selecting the color, you determine how the result should look later. At any time during the treatment, you know what is coming to you and you are able to look forward to the result.

If you are thinking of having micropigmentation done, we would be happy to invite you to an individual consultation. We will explain to you in detail how the treatment will be carried out, what it will cost, and why micropigmentation is your salvation, if you want to miss your old self and finally restore your self-confidence. Do not let alopecia take control of your appearance and well-being, but control alopecia with an innovative, safe and thoroughly convincing treatment method!