Scalp micropigmentation – what is it?

Micropigmentation is the best treatment for people who suffer from hair loss. However, what’s granted by this term?

Hair loss – a widespread problem

Adults have an average of 100,000 hairs on their head, independently from their gender, their ethnic group and particularly their age. Then it’s absolutely normal that between 70 and 100, hair loss happens daily.

This hair loss is not visible because the hair grows fast. Hair loss becomes problematic when the number of lost hairs increase and is focused in a specific area of the head’s skin and no new hair grows in the affected area.

More than 85 percent of all European men above 50 complain of persistent hair loss. Men’s hair loss is often seen as a natural sign of the ageing process. But also women are affected by hair loss, especially during hormonal changes in the body after a pregnancy, breastfeeding or during menopause; it is common for the hair to thin and fall out during these times.

Hair loss has many causes and comes in different impressions that vary from a light thinning to the famous receding hairline, causing bald areas or a completely bald head.

When a youngster loses above average hairs that do not grow anymore, you should consult a doctor to rule out any deficiency or disease.
Hair loss does not damage your health – except for the fact that the head’s skin without hair is not well protected by the harmful UV-rays. It is however a real problem, because many affected people suffer from hair loss.
For women and men who are healthy, full hair is an integrated part of the contemporary ideal of beauty. Sparse hair or a bald head makes people look older.

A person frustrated by hair loss often increasingly secludes himself from social life. Because the head is visible for other people, hair loss can be difficult to hide.

People who suffer from hair loss try everything to stimulate the hair growth. But preparations of vitamins, expensive specialist shampoos or dubious medication from far nations don’t produce results. A hair transplant is extremely expensive, with health risks and it is not considerable for all who are affected.

Many who are losing their hair simply shave their head. But this brings limited physical relief, because the bald head of people affected by hair loss will be visible when the stubbles of the non-treated area grow again.

Thanks to scalp micropigmentation, concerned people have a reason for a sigh of relief. The modern treatment is the solution in the case of a cosmetic correction of hair loss. It comes without operation and is absolutely safe. Scalp micropigmentation brings a natural, younger appearance and a huge self-confidence boost that is easy to notice. Scalp micropigmentation: how it works and why is it the ideal solution to hair loss Those who suffer from hair loss desire nothing but a simple, painless and safe treatment that brings a better feeling and a natural appearance.

Thanks to micropigmentation, there is this kind of solution. Always more people notice how this treatment helps them have a new pleasant life sensation. Already on the first meeting, the treatment gives you a perfect outcome. Two additional meetings make the effect lasting. After micropigmentation, even a completely bald head can look like strong hair growth has been recently stopped by shaving. In micropigmentation, a colored pigment is injected in the skin with a needle, like in tattooing. The treatment is suited to men and women, who would like to reach the following results:

– a younger appearance thanks to an apparently full hair growth
– an optical intact hairline seen from the front or from the side
– a bald head that, thanks to visible stubbles, seems to have been recently shaved

Micropigmentation may completely cover hairless areas that could for example be caused by alopecia or spot baldness. Also traces of past hair transplants become invisible with the treatment. The treatment can cover scars, birthmarks and burns. It is also suited to improve the results of a hair transplantation because it simulates more volume.

In short terms, scalp micropigmentation is the application of many small points on the skin. A vast palette of pigment in the most various tones allows an accurate matching of the outcome to the natural color of the head’s skin and hair.

The treatment in details

Micropigmentation is a modern treatment. Its success is related to the technical equipment and to the experience of the supervising team.
We use exclusively the most modern technical appliances and give great value to the safety of our patients. Also, the colored pigments that are injected during treatment face regular inspections. So, you are assured that we provide you with the best pigments from natural constituents that follow all the strict EU-guidelines. Training courses are provided by the best practitioners of the branch.
Before treatment, we offer an individual hair profile and explain which goals are to be reached. The accurate distribution of the pigment on the head’s skin guarantees a natural look; it will seem that the head has been shortly shaved and that the hair slowly grows after that.
Each treatment begins with a consultation. Here we discuss all the important points about micropigmentation of your head’s skin and we illustrate how you’ll look after the first meeting. You will know what to expect.

The real treatment begins with the second appointment: micropigmentation is perceived as painless by most patients. Right after the initial injection, you won’t feel the slightly unpleasant sensation anymore.

Immediately after micropigmentation, it could be that the head’s skin of the treated area reddens. The red color completely disappears after a few days.

The second meeting is only to improve the immediate results. So it creates a 3-D effect to make the look more natural.
Depending on the treated area, we will proceed with the last details in a third appointment. After this meeting, the final outcome is visible. The results are seen and they will be long-lasting.

If you decide to do micropigmentation, it is important to follow the care instructions that we give you. The right care of your treated head’s skin hastens the healing process and gives a longer durability and a more beautiful result.
Micropigmentation is a suitable treatment for people who have already tried other methods before. In some cases, micropigmentation can perfectly integrate a hair transplant.

Micropigmentation is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment.

Nevertheless, the treatment is of huge benefit. He who feels comfortable with his body, has a more satisfactory and healthy life than he who suffers from his appearance. The bad part about hair loss is that it is aggravated by the stress that it causes to the affected person. Hair loss affects many people. But everyone decides by himself if he wants to accept it or to get a better appearance and greater self-confidence through a safe treatment with guaranteed success.