Scalp micropigmentation for men

Male hair loss is a widespread problem.

Hair loss is so widespread among men that it is commonly assumed that a partial head or a perfectly bald head is perfectly normal from a certain age. There are many men who suffer enormously from their hair loss and are hoping for a miracle or a method that stimulates their hair growth again or makes the scalp look as if new hair grows in the bald spots.

Hair loss in men has many causes. For example, drugs, stress and disease such as alopecia can trigger hair loss. However, a definite genetic disposition is usually responsible for hair loss in men. As men get older, their body begins to convert testosterone into dihydro testosterone, a hormone that is said to be responsible for hair loss.

First, the hair on the man becomes visibly thinner, which is because the hair follicles shrink continuously. Hair that falls out no longer regrows. When a man is confronted with the issue of hair loss, it is very different. Some men lose their hair splendor even in youth; others become bald in old age. The degree of hair loss ranges from light spots to complete baldness. Every man is sooner or later affected by hair loss.

Is hair loss in men a disease? Certainly not! However, the fact that the appearance of a man changes forever through hair loss can become a great mental strain. Men with a divisible head or a completely bald head often feel unattractive compared to men who have full hair.

Natural hair loss or alopecia?

Alopecia is a disease related to hair loss, which can have various causes and, depending on the case, can be completely cured or lead to complete baldness. Alopecia should always be treated by a physician who must carefully assess the factors that promote alopecia and how these triggers can be treated. In the case of alopecia, the body treats the hair follicles as localized in localized areas and repels them. Even if alopecia heals completely in some cases, micropigmentation is an excellent solution. Men whose alopecia remains for others due to our treatment are much more self-assured and stress-free than men with visible alopecia.

Natural hair loss, on the other hand, is not a disease. How much hair loss has already progressed can be seen from the Norwood scale – a scale with seven points ranging from slightly thin hair to nearly complete baldness.

Men who do not want to tolerate their hair loss have several treatment methods to choose from. Drugs for hair loss often have a long list of side effects, some of which are quite serious. In addition to special shampoos, which are not proven in most cases, hair transplants and hair extensions are the most widely used treatments.

A hair transplant wants to be well thought out. Many patients report severe pain during treatment. Often, there are unsightly scars and in spite of the enormously high costs, success is by no means guaranteed.

Hairpieces look unnatural in most cases. If you have bald spots on your head one day and come to the office the next day with full hair, you must accept that all colleagues and acquaintances know that the new hair cannot be your own hair. Hairpieces also slip occasionally, which can lead to enormously embarrassing situations.

The ideal solution for natural hair loss in men is scalp micropigmentation. This special method promises a particularly natural look. It is perfect for men who shave their hair to a length of about half a millimeter. A careful selection of different color pigments and an ingenious arrangement of the pigmented dots create an interesting effect: the entire head of the man also looks as if he has just shaved his head.

The meaning of the colors

Anyone who is asked about his hair color usually answers something like “Blond,” “Red,” “Brown,” or “Black.” However, in reality, there are countless varieties of hair colors. Personal hair color changes in the course of life and depends on the age, the climate zone at the place of residence and the ethnicity.

We have a huge color palette available for micropigmentation. We select your hair color very carefully and explain in detail how the results will look. In the first place, it is very normal that your hair looks as natural as if you had never witnessed the issue of hair loss.

How scalp micropigmentation can help, especially men

Many men who suffer from hair loss first notice their hair thinning. Particularly in men who already have fine hair, light spots are quickly visible. On the Norwood scale, we place thin, light hair somewhere between levels 1 and 3. Also in this phase, micropigmentation is an ideal treatment method. With it, the hair can be densified optically, without necessarily shaving.

Micropigmentation is a new, innovative method that is not as well-known as hair transplants. Therefore, it is clear that men who are looking for a solution to their hair problems have a whole range of questions about the procedure. We will take a long time to clarify these questions and show you that micropigmentation can help you regain your self-esteem! Hair loss is not a fate with which you have to accept. How you want to look is a question that you do not have to leave to the natural course of time.

Men often ask us if micropigmentation is painful. The absolutely natural color pigments, which are used by us, are injected with tiny needles into the scalp. The puncture is felt by most men only as light pain. Depending on how sensitive the skin is, an unpleasant burning or itching may occur during the treatment. This feeling disappears completely in the hours after the treatment so you can enjoy the result completely relaxed.