About the AcademyS Online Course:

There are two types of starter sets to choose from. The first kit has AcademyS machine and needles, pigments, wipes and more. The price is 2350 €. The smaller kit is without needles and machine. The price is 1500 €. Both of the kits include pigments, pens, wipes, after care and latex to practice on.

After choosing the kit, the student can transfer the price of the kit, shipping and VAT via Paypal and the Master will order it and send it to the student. After the confirmation of the arrival of the kit, the Master will registrate the student and the course begins.

Online Basic course for Permanent Makeup takes place in the CraftMaster application and it consists of 41 levels. Having passed all the levels, the student receives the Certificate of completion, his/her unique logo and place on the AcademyS map. What is more, the student becomes an Artist and has a chance to advance in the CraftMaster system and become a Royal Artist, Master Assistant, Craft Master and Grand Master. In this sense, there is no difference between the student who attends Live Basic course and the one who attends Online Basic course.