Here is a brief description of the training topics:

 1. What is scalp micropigmentation?
 2. What problems can scalp micropigmentation solve?
 3. What are the advantages of scalp micropigmentation compared to other techniques that address the problem of hair loss?
 4. How is scalp micropigmentation different from a tattoo or permanent makeup?
 5. The scalp pigmentation in detail: techniques, course of treatment, duration of the procedure.  Hygienic regulations and recommendations on hygiene.
 6. Introducing the different types of hair loss.  How can scalp micropigmentation help people of different ages and genders affected by hair loss?
 7. Pigments and equipment: Various types of needles, motors of machines and manufacturers of pigments
 8. Determination of the skin type and selection of the scalp micropigmentation method suitable for this type.  Mixing of the color pigments and individual scalp design
 9. Practice exercises on latex
 10. Practical exercises on various models: bald man, balding man or balding woman.  Ideally models with different skin types and in different age groups
 11. Scalp micropigmentation after a hair transplant: a milestone on the way to the perfect result
 12. Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia: advanced treatment options for treating individual areas
 13. The most common beginner mistakes in scalp micropigmentation

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