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Viktoriya D'Angelo

ScalpSwiss is the latest project by Viktoriya D'Angelo, the successful entrepreneur who specializes in permanent tattoos and pigmentation in her studio. Viktoriya has been active in this business field for over 15 years and has been welcoming customers in her own company in Lucerne.

Over the course of her career, Viktoriya has always sought contact with the world's leading trainers in her industry and has continually expanded her knowledge and skills in numerous trainings and further training courses. Today, Viktoriya is a certified expert in the fields of microblading, permanent makeup, tattoo, piercing and scalp micropigmentation. Medical tattoos such as the Ariola pigmentation are also part of her portfolio. In numerous professional Swiss and international competitions, Viktoriya has successfully competed against her competition. Above all, there are thousands of satisfied customers who give her the good feeling of making an important contribution to their appearance and well-being.

"In my work, I have always focused on impeccable quality. I never compare with competitors - I just want my work to get better with every day,” says Viktoriya, when asked about her success recipe. “I see challenges as something positive. I love to tackle difficult problems and finally solve them. Scalp micropigmentation has always fascinated me and is to this day the work with which I am most interested."

“When it comes to aesthetic and cosmetic pigmentation, there are no two customers who resemble each other. The skin provides an endless surface for perfection. Different skin types, different skin qualities and new techniques that develop every year all opens up boundless horizons. Over the years, I have been able to carry out more than ten thousand treatments. Each one was unique and left satisfied customers, who recommended my studio to their friends.”

To create a whole new brand with ScalpSwiss was a logical step for Viktoriya when planning for her future career. Her extensive experience and extensive expertise in the field of skin pigmentation formed the basis for a decisive competitive advantage of the ScalpSwiss brand. As always in her career, Viktoriya tirelessly sought the best available technology, the highest quality products, and trained herself in special training sessions with the most prominent representative of her specialty, a New York expert.

With her own style and abilities, Viktoriya has managed to offer a unique treatment in her studio in Lucerne. Scalp micropigmentation at ScalpSwiss is the first choice for people who are looking for a safe and completely natural-looking solution for hair loss. With the creation of optical hair growth, treatment at SwissScalp is a first-class treatment for customers who want to finally be satisfied with their appearance.

Why did Viktoriya opt for the scalp micropigmentation division? "I know how much people who suffer from hair loss are longing for an effective solution. My customers come to ScalpSwiss because it has become impossible for them to enjoy their lives to the fullest. After a few hours - without any surgery - a new life begins for my customers. Confident and attractive, my customers regain their confidence and their joie de vivre. They feel and look years younger. The infinite happiness that comes after the treatment speaks out of the eyes of my customers and is my main motivation!"